With a new year comes a time for quick room refreshes to recharge your spirits and the energy in your home to revitalize the look of each room with inspiring updates. To help inspire you for 2019, we surveyed Décor Aid interior designers for their wisdom on the best room refresh ideas for 2019 to elevate your home with on-trend cues and timeless updates.

From creating a better first impression when guests come over to channeling a reconfiguring your lighting, discover these 10 inspiring ideas just as we look to the year ahead.


Since it only takes less than a minute to form a lasting first impression, a renewed approach to the styling of your foyer or entryway will help you set the tone for what’s expected throughout the rest of your home.

Think about what guests see when they first walk in your home and what kind of charge the area gives off. Does it feel well-judged and inspiring? What do you like, and what needs a rethink? The key here is to make it look as polished as possible. A new welcome mat, rug inside, and an organic wreath can instantly elevate a foyer for little cost, as can a fresh coat of paint on your front door and throughout the area.


Create a scent story throughout your home while illuminating it with attractive candle holders that boast intoxicating fragrances to boot. Look for unique designs that are sure to quickly add a sense of stylish play anywhere in your home.


Take a cue from Marie Kondo, the queen of organizing, and make it a point to go from room to room to declutter surfaces, inside closets, cabinets, and in your garage, as one of the most essential room refresh ideas for any space is a thorough decluttering of the unneeded.

While doing so, you should also consider clever new storage solutions that won’t cost a fortune so that your home can easily stay organized.


Along with a new take on storage solutions and first impressions, updating your lighting schemes from room to room can make all the difference. Bring in new energy-efficient bulbs to reduce your imprint on the environment and to create warm and inviting area with brilliantly layered lighting. To get the look, add multiple sources of lighting set at different heights for a cozier feel.


By creating new focal points in every room, you’ll easily make your home feel all the more unique to you and memorable. From bringing in a room defining new console table to vibrant art that energizes the feel of a room, focal points work both as conversation-starters and remarkable room anchors all at once.

Plus, when it comes to adding small doses of character, it doesn’t always require a substantial investment as you can do so at local second-hand shops and antique markets.

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