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Loberg Roofing, Inc. was initially founded in 1983 by Phillip and Susanna Loberg. Our philosophy now is the very same as it was then, The right roof at the right price”. With that, the business that started over 30 years ago in a home basement is now one of the biggest roofing contractors in the Pacific Northwest.

Back to the story. Soon after last year’s DIY move I will say I like this considerably better. Things have been fairly chaotic, but Derek and I didn’t throw our backs out lifting and moving. Instead I checked off products and Derek drank soda on the porch. We felt quite guilty…but liability says we have to let them do the moving.

Clean your gutters. It is likely that there will be a great deal of waste in your gutters soon after a thorough roof cleaning. Stop the gutter drains from clogging by removing massive debris by hand, then use your garden hose to flush out the remainder of the waste.

We actually have two attic spaces (as well as cathedral ceilings). We insulated the attic spaces in the fall of 2011, but we still need to have to place more insulation in. I believe this time we may spend somebody. My husband’s hip-bones had been black and blue for weeks right after crawling about up there. The insulation we put in helped a lot even though. We also put vents into the soffits-there was hardly any venting in the soffits prior to, only ridge vents.

When I waited for local hardware shop sales, I was able to get the Gaco Silicone coating at $165 to $180 per 5 gallon bucket, down from the typical $200 to $220 cost. I employed a total of 15 – 5 gallon buckets to apply 2 coats on the main roof and carport, so a total expense of approx. $2,700 for the whole project. I was probably applying the silicone coating thicker than recommended. The 1991 full roof surfacing (polyester cloth roll + tar coating) was probably just significantly less than $2,000. I was the sole labor for both projects.

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