Bachelor Of Interior Style (Honours)

The space age interiors of the 1960’s gave way to the textures of shag pile carpets, cork tiles, wood paneling and hessian cladding. Brown, cream and orange, vinyl wallpapers in large general patterns and inspiration from the twenties and thirties have been mixed with new innovations to generate 1970’s style.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the basic principles of design and color theory. Students will be introduced to the principle ideas of style such as layout, composition, and balance as well as the theories of colour and how to use color creatively. These concepts will be presented in theory as well as reinforced via particular practical workout routines and activities that will serve to demonstrate how each and every of the ideas is integrated into great design and style.

The central stone-constructed chimney was a common feature of the early properties. Hand-constructed and powerful, the earliest two area houses had a centralized chimney with a single flue serving two fireplaces, one particular for each space. The two fireplaces served dual functions of cooking and heating.

Alessandro Mendini gave the famous Victorian masterpiece Thonet bentwood chair a makeover in 1978. A palette of colour with balls was added to the back of the bentwood frame. In the same year Mendini utilized one particular of the Pointillist paintings of Paul Signac to create a Baroque style armchair. Studio 65 created the Marilyn sofa named right after Marilyn Monroe’s lips. The design was a rework of the Salvador Dali’s pink satin Mae West sofa.

Within the category of hand-drafted drawings, there are two distinct kinds: technical sketches and mechanical drafting. An interior designer need to have the capacity to swiftly create technical sketches during the preliminary and initial style phases to convey design and style concepts to other individuals.

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