Bathroom Renovation Kansas City

Welcome to Farmer’s Home Renovation Series. Covering everything from bathrooms to roofs, these articles will give you the information you need to strategy your renovation, speak confidently to a contractor, and get the biggest bang for your renovation buck.

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Wall-mounted. These sinks offer a excellent alternative for working with the tighter confines of a smaller bathroom Nonetheless, depending on the model, they may possibly call for installing the water provide or drain lines so that they are hidden behind the wall, which can make their installation far more tough and expensive.

Exposing the existing situations inside walls in the course of this leveling and framing step will also permit your contractor to address plumbing or electrical issues ahead of you hook up a brand new plumbing fixture. You may locate that you want to replace all horizontal plumbing work to the building’s stack” (the principal vertical lines that run all through the building), and run new wiring to head off plumbing and electrical troubles that you may have inherited. You may possibly also want to element in fees that guarantee the success and longevity of the function, including prep operate to defend floors and valuables (which can add $600 to $900) and waterproofing steps (which can add $1,000). While these measures are labor-and cost-intensive, this perform is vital for foundation alignment and infrastructure needed for the project.

The Remodeling magazine figures are primarily based on a bathroom that is five by 7 feet. It is a primary bathroom, not a master bathroom. This operate would consist of all new tile on the floor, a tile tub surround and new tub, toilet and vanity with top and constructed-in sink. It also consists of new paint, hardware, faucets and light fixture.

Rapidly forward to 2014, when we had a pipe burst and pour water into the kitchen for hours before we got home from perform and found it. Trashed the kitchen floor (had to replace the whole floor), basement ceiling and walls underneath the kitchen. IKEA cabinet legs saved the rest of the kitchen. Those plastic legs did not care if they got wet and the rest of the cabinets were spared. The restoration organization guy wasn’t familiar with IKEA cabinets and commented that in just about any other kitchen, we would have been replacing cabinets as effectively.

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