Cleaning Creosote From Your Stove Pipes Like A Pro ~

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For venting methods that run vertically via a ceiling, you need to have a ceiling support field or spherical ceiling assist piece that shall be your transition level from range pipe to class A chimney pipe. The range pipe will connect to the underside and sophistication A chimney pipe will attach to the opposite side, both working through the ceiling support box itself or an attic insulation defend (within the case of a spherical ceiling assist).

If you transition to DuraTech chimney pipe (double wall), the outer diameter would be eight inches. If you transition to DuraPlus (triple wall), the outer diameter would be 10 inches. Either system will work the identical and have the identical clearances, but some municipalities require using Carpet Tiles triple walled chimney pipe. Duraplus would be the product to use in that case. Using UL-listed wood-burning equipment and chimney materials and putting in the unit in keeping with manufacturer’s directions.

While you are still on the roof, connect the storm collar to the chimney pipe. Make positive to put a bead of silicone across the storm collar where it meets the chimney pipe. The chimney pipe should protrude by way of the roof a minimal of two feet and it must be a minimum Affordable Interior of 10 feet away from the roof line. Next, utilizing a 5/16 nut driver attach the chimney rain cap to the chimney pipe. Now that we’re accomplished on the roof, it is time to join the only wall stove pipe to the insulated chimney pipe.

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