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A man was complaining at the IOM staff since he wanted to have the medical exam but he never have the Medical Report kind. He told the staff that he did not saw that letter in his e-mail and was only instructed by his wife to proceed to IOM for the medical exam.

my house has no history that would trigger something….but i feel like ghosts are somehow drawn to me occasionally i even see strange movements that no one is there to make but the scariest point is that i will uncover things have been moved when i wake up or turned my brothers remote ended up in the bathroom and my radio turned on.factors are taking place to me also i feel so much anxiety and im depressed i dont know if it is spirits attempting attain meor wat i dont know whats going on and im only 14this is me figure this out somebody.please.

Your bf saying that your emotions are that of a 13 year old is not extremely considerate. I have my masters in counseling and I know that what you and I are going through is an adjustment disorder mine with depressed mood…and its not some thing that your bf should ignore. If he loves you and you really like him, you want to have a significant conversation with him about what the each of you see in your close to future and you want to try to express your feelings with eachother honestly. If he is not understanding or concern with your emotional nicely being then you actually want to wonder about how the rest of your life with him is going to be.

Hilarious as usually!! My husband had to move one particular of my half-siamese cats cross nation on an airplane and he thought her continuous meowing was negative. I am totally forwarding this to him! Your dogs sound amazing, as odd as they are. Good job creating the drive with all of the howling!!

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