Expert Roofing Contractors In Winston

These lists are abstracts of condensed records intended to assist the public in locating registered roofing contractors. If you are unable to uncover a registered roofing contractor, need further data, or if you have questions on the above-lists, you may reach the Roofing Registration Division by calling 405-521-6550.

Alexander emigrated from Scotland to America, earning his way from Ellis Island to the Midwest in the 1900s. Shipyard constructing work took him back to Glasgow, where he had a son, Thomas, and then back to America, where an older son was waiting. Thomas Crowther, Lee J. Crowther’s father, was a teenager in Scotland when his father sent for him to join him in America.

My parents are retired and where they reside they had a rather extreme hail storm over a year ago that resulted in some other residences in their neighborhood obtaining new roofs. For what ever purpose, they did not pursue anything on their personal with their insurance coverage company and have put up with a couple of leaks and had 1 spot patched by a buddy.

It all began when we had moved into a house that we loved but knew up front that it had various roof difficulties. We had currently gotten a number of roofing estimates, from shingle-manufacturer-reps posing as roofers, all of whom kept emphasizing that it was not worth doing a small repair but we required to redo the whole roof, preferably making use of the shingle brand that they have been peddling.

The only surface preparation I did was sweeping away surface dust and dirt, I did not energy spray with water. In one restricted region on the major roof, I utilised a pocket knife to scrape away some tiny moss create up. I did not treat the moss region with any herbicide.

We set up residential & commercial roofing all through Northern California and the Reno Area. For larger projects, ROI Commercial Roofing & Solar Systems travels throughout California. Our group in no way compromises on quality so you can be confident with the durability of the roofs and solar systems we build.

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