Fathers Against Daughters Dating (2)

1 of the strengths of SharePoint is the capability to implement Version Control. When enabled, it is attainable to establish what changed amongst two version, and rollback to a earlier version as required. This post does not cover the actions to allow and execute this, but rather, make certain that you can retain the historical info in the case that you ever have to migrate your content.

The reality of our move soon set in when I began looking for a rental home in Dublin. Dublin is an expensive city. It is also filled with old buildings which are lovely to appear at, but not so excellent to live in. Several were dark, cold and tiny. No kitchen pantries and only little below counter, mini bar style fridges that I thought only existed in hotels. At some point we managed to uncover a nice modern day apartment (with a standard sized fridge freezer), but we had to drastically boost our rental spending budget.

We had been starting to believe that our dogs were permanently broken. Nothing we did helped at all to convince the dogs that we had only changed homes and our new property was not, in fact, some sort of death-camp and we weren’t truly planning on killing them to fulfill an organ harvest ritual. Regardless of our greatest efforts, they continued to drift around in a sea of confusion and terror, pausing only to look pitiful.

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I was also in chorus and we would sing in churches downtown. They were such gorgeous churches. We would go there on the bus and never get back on the bus. My close friends and I would head out someplace else. They in no way counted heads or looked for us. I wasn’t in chorus simply because I could sing I was in the class due to the fact I needed it for a credit.

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