Five Reasons You Should Add Retaining Walls to Your Landscape

Five Reasons You Should Add Retaining Walls to Your Landscape

Your landscape is one of the first things people notice when they see your home for the first time. If you feel yours is lacking something that provides both functionality and aesthetic appeal, retaining wall design might be the answer to your landscape problems. Retaining walls not only add depth and interest to your lawn, they also provide useful service in some yards. Retaining walls offer homeowners many benefits.

They Save Your Landscape

One of the most common misconceptions regarding retaining walls is they are built only to add something pretty to the lawn. In fact, many people add them to their landscape to save their lawn from debris, water, and drainage. For example, if you have a lawn that slopes and sends dirt and water down the slope when it rains, it might destroy your landscaping. A retaining wall addition can keep everything where it’s meant to be, which can save the lawn.

They Are Lovely

One of the best things about retaining walls is the aesthetic appeal. No two retaining walls are the same. You get to create a design that fits into your current landscape, so it doesn’t stick out or seem too plain in comparison to the rest of your lawn. This type of wall can add visual interest to any lawn, and it’s helpful at the same time. The type of contrast provided by a retaining wall allows you to create visual interest with different textures, colors, and heights.

They are Customizable

Your retaining wall won’t look just like anyone else’s. That’s part of the beauty of this design process. With so many materials to choose from, your design can encompass anything from a simple retaining wall around your flower beds to a more elaborate garden design that flows seamlessly down a steep slope.

They Add Functionality

If your lawn is filled with hills or mounds, it might be difficult for you to properly landscape. Retaining walls add functionality by allowing you to create usable space on each hill or mound. This is called a terrace. It provides functional space in what was not originally a functional space. You can now plant flowers, shrubs, and trees on the sides of hills and mounds you couldn’t previously use. It’s easy to take a non-functional lawn and turn it into a gardener’s dream with a retaining wall terrace.

They Can Increase Value

You might not be able to ask more money for your home if you sell, but you can sell faster if you have retaining walls and flawless landscaping. Buyers who fall in love before they ever walk inside are more likely to choose your home and its amazing landscape than one that doesn’t have the same curb appeal. You can add value to your home by making it more appealing to buyers.

If you’re thinking of installing retaining walls but have no idea where to begin, call a professional. They can help you create a design that flows naturally through your yard. They can answer your questions, help with your vision, and they can bring to life what you’re looking for.


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