Proper Waterproofing As Per Your Options

If you are in the middle of expanding your own home or garage, you cannot get around sealing the roof. However, before you can start with the upcoming work, it is advisable to make a checklist of the necessary work and the required equipment to consumption. If you have the required equipment or the required amounts of work worried, can be started with the sealing work of the flat roof.

First, the roof of leaves and dirt must be freed. It is best to use a street broom. If you discover faulty spots in the bituminous membranes, they must be sealed with bitumen filler. A waterproofing specialist Singapore can bring you that perfection.

This is achieved by folding up the bituminous sheet and filling the resulting gap with putty. This is the only way to ensure a secure bond between putty and substrate. Subsequently, the bituminous sheet is pressed firmly into the filler and again over-leveled. The drying time is about 24 hours, but after only 3 hours, the rain resistance is reached.

Sealing a flat roof

  • The next step is the treatment of the roof with a bitumen primer. It is important that this is applied evenly. Again, the drying time is 24 hours.
  • Then the roof is painted 1 to 3 times, depending on the application. You have to keep the drying time of 24 hours again.

When sealing concrete surfaces, however, other work steps are necessary. On the cleaned concrete surface bitumen cold glue is applied fully covering. After approx. 15 to 30 minutes contact time you can start curling up the first bituminous membrane. When laying the following webs, note that they overlap by at least 5 cm. In order to achieve a watertight connection, cold adhesive is again applied to the freshly laid web at a width of 5 cm. At the overlaps, the cold adhesive should swell clearly visible. This is the only way to ensure that the bituminous membranes are securely and watertightly connected.

  • If you stick to the above-mentioned work steps when sealing flat roofs, nothing can go wrong and you can enjoy a waterproof roof for a very long time.
  • Here you will learn which points should be given special attention when you have your flat roof sealed and at what cost you should calculate per square meter for each method. So you can ideally compare available offers on
  • A good seal can be a reasonably priced alternative to a complete roof renovation. However, flat roofs have some peculiarities that should be considered when choosing the right method.

So that you can calculate the costs of your project right from the start, we will give you an insight into the most common methods and the current prices per square meter.You will learn what is important when working on a flat roof and how to find the best specialist who can seal your flat roof.

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