Severn Trent Water (3)

Go via every single space of your home and choose what you’d like to hold and what you can get rid of. Believe about whether any things will require special packing or added insurance coverage coverage.

My husband, Clarence Linwood Mason, was stationed in Germany from late 67 – 69. We lived off base in Linkenheim. He worked at Neureut, but we had been usually at Smiley to go to PX/Commissary, and so on. I loved going there and we went to the Minuteman just about each time the movie changed! We had close friends that lived at Smiley and went to church with us (we went to a baptist church in Karlsruhe – it was a German church that our church rented if I’m remembering properly) Cannot bear in mind numerous of the names from Smiley – one couple was Charlotte and Raymond Decker – does any person keep in mind them. They had a little boy probably about 5yrs – don’t remember his name. We have great memories and have talked usually of going back – the lady we rented from wants us to come for a visit, so we have a golden chance. So far haven’t gotten up nerve to fly. Thanks for all the superb memories!!!

Hi Diana,We were in Karlsruhe 60-63. I am not confident if I bear in mind your sister. I was in 1st-3rd there. Had Ms Sommers or Summers and Miss Amotuli(sp)Also we had a German teacher. I do think she was from Austria. Can you ask your sister if she remembers Pixie and Dixie? I consider that was their names? They were twins. One of my brothers best close friends was Leslie Lennhardt. I think our building must have been a tiny additional from the college. when we would go off base we would go via a modest park and then to the German shops. One time a man pulled a knife on us children. We ran as quick as we could. I had to be 7 or eight. I cannot think the freedom we had at such a young age. I dont even like my grandchildren walking about the block.

Properly! It is completed! We had been profitable in getting all four bins moved 75 miles. It took us a complete 4 days to tear down, place on trailers and put up. We went ahead with splitting them at the best of the fifth ring leaving three rings plus the cone on the other. We loaded them making use of a tele-handler (which worked fantastic) put them back up with it as well. We had about five-six guys working at the exact same time. It was fairly an knowledge! Thank you both again for the info! It was indeed extremely helpful.

haha i adore this! when my roommate and i 1st moved into our apartment, her dog began territory pooping.almost each day, in front of the fireplace,she’d poop in tiny crop now,each and every time anything alterations (if we get another dog staying with us,for example) she’ll crop circle territory poop all through the residence.

Hello, My sister and brother in law are experiencing some paranormal activity- mostly in their bedroom. This activity happens largely at night. The events started the beginning of this year and are growing in strength. The bed covers have been pulled off of my brother while he was watching Television, he has been punched in the back even though lying in bed, and a quite heavy piece of armor plating was picked off his dresser and thrown into the wall a few feet away. There is now a hole in the wall. These events do not look friendly to me. An intriguing note to this is that my other brother in law commited suicide Jan two this year, and the events started appropriate following. What must we do? Thank you for your help.

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