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Our web site is created to explain your choices of products and solutions offered for your roof repair or home remodeling project.

Atlas Web Technologies specializes in producing solutions for our clients. Our items can be customized for a assortment of markets from the industries you may possibly expect like Residential & Industrial Developing to industries like Packaging & Automotive.

At Hayes Roofing, we do more than just install new roofs. We are tear-off specialists as nicely. We work with all kinds of roofing, each commercial and residential. Whether or not you are a homeowner with a steeply sloped roof or a business owner who has a flat roof on your building, you can call us to get your roof inspected, rebuilt, repaired, or replaced. We even provide torchdown roofing as an selection for our primarily industrial clients who have flat roofs on their organizations. This method provides rain protection even for level roofs, which prevents leaks and future issues – a plus in the rainy Northwest.

The roofer created an appointment for 2 days later with the adjuster from Travelers, who showed up with his personal trained roof inspector. They spent about 2 hours inspecting the roof and then holed up in their respective trucks. When they returned to the residence, it was with an authorized claim for $13K for replacement of our 4600 sf roof, and an initial verify for $8600 ($1000 deductible, and $3500 held temporarily for depreciation – which would be paid out as soon as the operate was comprehensive.

But it really is pretty inconvenient that we don’t have net at the residence however. So anytime I require to get online I come over to the library. Whenever I am here I stake out the exact same table, by the same window and perform for hours at a time.

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