The Proper Use of a Storage Shed

Storage sheds give any homeowner a place to keep different kinds of equipment and excess furnishings that are cluttering the house. When those extra things can be locked away in a space that still within walking distance of the house, it is ideal. A large shed could even house some large cumbersome sports equipment and small vehicles.

Storing tools in the Shed

Some tools are quite large and need to be stored inside away from the elements to maintain their usefulness year after year. Air Compressors, chain saws, hoses, lawn movers, leaf blowers and various other tools can be safely kept from season to season in a shed. Tools can be secured in bins and shelves on the wall so that they can be easily stored and accessed. Any homeowner that doesn’t opt for organization in a shed is bound to run into trouble when they finally need anything that stored inside.

Types of Sheds

Sheds are built to various specifications. Some are entered through a single door, double doors, sliding doors, garage doors and larger sheds can have one of every type of entry in each of the sides. Sheds can be portable or stationary. They can be built from plastic, steel, vinyl and wood. There are even some sheds made from fabric and a support shell. Sheds can be as small as 5 feet by 4 feet and as large as 12 x 20 or 16 x 32 feet.

Using Sheds to Store Perishable Goods

Some people might want to use sheds like a basement or a root cellar. It can mimic some of the purposes that basements offer, but less of the purposes cellars were used for. Root cellars were used to store food in the winter to keep it from freezing and in the summer to keep it from spoiling when exposed to the heat. Your shed is exposed to the sun all day, so it cannot serve the same purpose as a root cellar.

Storing Household Goods in Sheds

It can however serve many of the same purposes as the basement. Basements are used for storage and often it houses the washer and dryer for a household. Sheds can be used to store just about anything except food. Clothing and fabric covered furniture can be stored in a shed as long as they are housed in plastic covers or plastic bins. Other household goods can be safely stored in an outdoor shed as long as the precautions are taken for breakable items and delicate things. Wrap them in bubble wrap and store them in safe containers or place them safely on shelves within the shed.

Sheds can allow you to store all the things you cannot reasonably store indoors as well as those things you use regularly outside. It makes for a nice addition to your landscape as it can mimic your home’s architecture and coloring giving it the look of a mini estate. No matter the size, get the shed size that helps you keep order in your family’s life and allows you to access the things you store in it with some degree of ease.


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