Things to do Paintball

Every year millions of people worldwide blow off steam with the cathartic action of competition. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, you or someone you know likely engages in a sport, game, or activity that helps keep them in shape and relieves stress. Tennis, soccer, basketball, football, and baseball have all been time tested stand-bys for many people. But a new sport is on the rise!


Men and women everywhere have been going crazy for paintball! Powered by compressed gas paintball guns allow players to engage in a fun and safe sport and blow off steam in a controlled environment. Paintball is typically played in an indoor arena with obstacles and barriers to hide behind. Masks, paintball guns, paintballs, vests, elbow pads, and other protective gear can usually be rented at these arenas but as always it is a smart idea to call ahead and confirm.

Paintball is especially appealing to teenage boys. Tired of them running around the house tearing the place up? Take them to the nearest paintball arena for an afternoon of fun. You can even drop them off and pick them up later while you pamper yourself in the interim. When you pick them up they should be properly exhausted.

Looking for a new team sport? Have you thought about paintball? Many people play tennis, volleyball, softball, and bowling on the weeknights with co-workers and friends. These sports are typically played in leagues. Did you know that paintball is becoming increasingly popular as a competitive evening sport? The leagues are typically in a bracket or round robin style competition. Games usually last from 20 to 45 minutes a piece. In a round robin style game every team competes against each other whereas in a bracket style game teams are eliminated as they lose rounds.

Paintball can be a rather inexpensive hobby once you invest in the equipment. If you own the gun and the mask gas, range time, and paintballs are the only recurring investments. If you are a paintballer on a budget shoot on over to groupon at Things To Do paintbal for awesome savings and excellent ideas for your next match!